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Russian Ballet School Technique/Vaganova


his form of dance at the Maciolek School of Dance is taught to 4 1/2 years and up, beginning through the advanced professional level. Ballet emphasizes correct alignment, technique development terminology, grace, poise, and self confidence. As the dancer develops his/her training fluidity and flexibility combined with strength add to the dancers ability and style.
The goal is to prepare the dancer for performance.


Style of Judith Pilgrim, Al Gilbert, Debbie Dee


t the Maciolek School of Dance we start dancers at age 3 and up. Classes progress from beginning through the advanced/professional levels. Tap exposes the student to rhythm, timing and coordination, which the curriculum emphasizes clarity of movement and strength in sound.


Broadway Jazz/Contemporary/ Stylized Jazz


azz is introduced to the dancer repertory at 4th grade and is offered from beginning through advanced/professional levels. Dancers are quickly taken from the beginning jazz walks, leaps, turns and rhythmic movements to the advanced and professional levels and jazz movements which continue through until graduation.

Hip Hop

Influenced by Jazz Funk, Street Dance and clean bounce movement


th grade and up this style of dance is offered beginning through advanced/professional. Students must be in jazz to be accepted in this class. Movement is taken from jazz technique and adapted to the news fad on the street and stage. Music, movements and lyrics are age appropriate. A hip hop team is being developed this year.

Irish Tap

Influenced by Dr. Tom McKenna, former professor at the University of Notre Dame


t the Maciolek School of Dance we have the only Irish Tap Team in this area of the state. Irish tap is offered for 4th grade through advanced/professional and dancers must audition for placement on the teams. This form of tap takes the student into the most disciplined form of Celtic movement. Irish steps from the jig, to the reel, to step dancing are taught on all levels. There are 3 teams beginning, junior and advanced.


Master classes are offered to advanced ballet students several times a year


his class is by invitation. Partnering is offered to those dedicated 9th grade ballet students and up to ready the dancer for those lead pas de demux parts in the annual Nutcracker Suite and Advanced Spring Recital. Lifts, turns, pirouettes, finger turns and advanced movements are taught to enhance performances.


Special & Competition Ballroom


altz, Cha Cha, For Trot, Swing, Tango are taught in the Imperial Style. Ballroom classes are taught periodically as Master classes or workshops. Private lessons are taught only for events and special requests.


Russian Ballet Technique/Vaganova


ancers at the Maciolek School of Dance start pointe work in the 5th grade having a minimum 2 years ballet training prior to this time. Understanding of French terminology technique, ankle strength, placement, balance and dedication are required for this class.

Master Class –

Joffrey Ballet School

When: January 31st, 2020

Place: Maciolek School of Dance

Classes are sponsored by Maciolek School of Dance and are opened to Maciolek School of Dance students 4th – 12th grade

Master Class –

Step Crew

When: Friday, March 20, 2020

Place: Maciolek School of Dance

Classes are sponsored by Maciolek School of Dance and are opened to Maciolek School of Dance students 4th – 12th grade

Guest Teachers
  • * Professional graduates of Maciolek School of Dance
  • * Ken Johnson – Aluin Ailey Dance Company
  • * Tonya Dydo – Featured dancer MGM Grand
  • * Tes Salb – Crossfit National Coach/Strengthening
  • Tom Alexander – Crystal Cruise Line Choreographer
  • Joel Rumner – Dance Camps, Disney Dancer, currently working with Dream Makers
  • Michael Morales – Disney Dancer, Choreographer
  • Shelby Ratchford – Ballerina Orlando Ballet
  • Andrew Carr – National Ballet Company Soloist
  • Valery Latranov – Russion Foundation Dancer/Instructor
  • Dustin Phillips – Disney Hip Hop Dancer
  • Robert Jaquez – N’SYNC Choreographer/Dancer in Movie “Newsies”
  • Dr. Kenneth Bello – Director/Instuctor Ballet USA
  • * Nicole Allred – Musical theater singer/dancer New York & Florida
  • Matthew Prescort – Joffrey Ballet Dancer/Instructor
  • Kyle Barlsich – currently working on Broadway “Phantom of the Opera”