Maciolek School of Dance | Goals
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The Goals of Maciolek

  • To educate in the fine art of dance. (ballet, tap, jazz, Irish tap, hip hop, and ballroom)
  • To instill confidence, self discipline, and creativity
  • To teach children to respect themselves, their peers and adults
  • To develop dance techniques from beginning through advanced/professional level in all dance forms taught at the Maciolek School of Dance

  • To instill the ability in each student to strive for excellence and their personal best
  • To Teach each student to be positive about their academic, spiritual and dance education
  • To develop confidence in performances and in school
  • To develop a love of self and others on and off the stage

  • To create a happy fine arts education environment
  • To offer master classes and workshops so that students can experience a professional education while living in Hobbs, from current top dancers from across the United States.
  • To be able to audition for dance and college scholarships through their talents
  • To understand the rewards of commitment in and out of the dance studio